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Client Service Representatives


Lori at Tucson Animal Clinic

I grew up on a farm in Ohio, where my love of animals first started. I have always had cats, dogs and horses, as well as assorted fish, gerbils, guinea pigs and goats. After spending 10 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Russian Linguist, I went to Essex Community College in Maryland to pursue my career as a veterinary technician. I moved to Tucson in 1999 and immediately fell in love with the desert; three years later I got my certification as a vet tech and have maintained it ever since. I have been a veterinary technician for 20 years and two years ago became a Client Service Representative. I love being able to help animals and their owners, and currently, I am owned by two horses, three goats, three dogs, and a plethora of cats.


Raven at Tucson Animal Clinic

Raven was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and has a variety of interests. She loves coming to work at Catalina Pet Hospital and getting to see the unique personalities of the different pets/breeds, understanding the different diseases and how they are transmitted and treated, and PUPPY BREATH!!! Her favorite extracurricular hobbies include: hiking, swimming, exercising, and watching movies, and her fur family consists of four dogs: Cookie (Maltipoo), Chomper (Airedale), Daisy (Schnauzer) & Mac (English Bulldog).

Veterinarian Technicians


Jen at Tucson Animal Clinic

I am originally from Tucson, AZ and I graduated from Pima Medical Institute as a veterinary technician. My compassion for animals started when I was young. Growing up my family always had a variety of pets throughout the years. We had dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and pet mice and rats. So of course growing up with all these critters sparked my interest to be what I am today. Being at home with my pets is my hobby. I have a quite a few pets so taking care of them can be a handful sometimes but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can honestly say I love my job and what I do. I have pictured my Lab mix, Memphis and my Golden Retriever, Toby.


Julia at Tucson Animal Clinic

I’m originally from Tucson, AZ and graduated from Carrington college as a veterinary assistant. I’ve had a passion for animals since I was young. Growing up I always had all kinds of animals around, like dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, and even a snake! I've been in the veterinary world for few years now and I love my job - I wouldn’t change it for the world! When I’m not working, I'm with family and friends and taking care of my two furry ones.


Nichole at Tucson Animal Clinic

My love for animals started as a young girl. I would help my mother feed and rescue stray animals in my hometown of La Serena, Chile. My mother continues to rescue dogs and has a farm sanctuary for injured animals in Chile to this day. My passion has directed me to veterinary medicine and specifically dentistry – if I see your pet, I WILL look at their teeth!

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal studies in 2004, and I went back to school at Pima Community College to earn an associate’s degree in Animal Science. I have been a part of the Catalina Pet Hospital Staff since February 2009, and I truly love my career!!! When I am not working, I also enjoy gardening, exercising, Latin music, and best of all, being a foster mommy to my 3 year old precious boy.


Shelby at Tucson Animal Clinic

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and have been part of the Tucson community for eight years. I have many interests, but animals have always been my passion, so I went to school for my associates as a veterinary technician. I couldn't be happier doing what I love and making a difference in the lives of animals everyday! When I am not working I enjoy bicycling, crocheting, and spending time with loved ones.

Veterinary Assistants


Lori at Tucson Animal Clinic

Miranda is a Tucson native who enjoys playing with her dogs, travelling, and trying new restaurants around Tucson. She loves veterinary medicine because she is able to help her patients, even though they cannot speak up for themselves about what is wrong. Her favorite thing is to see a healthy animal go home with their owner. She has three dogs she spends her time with: Sammie, an 8 year old Chihuahua, Lily, a 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier, and Beth, a 13 year old long-haired Chihuahua mix.